Oral Health Wellness Plan

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Oral Health Wellness Plan Details

No Monthly Premiums • No Hidden Fees • No Waiting Periods • No Maximums

At Kilgore Dental Care, we care about your oral health & wellness, so we created an in-house insurance/discount plan to help you get the care you deserve. We call it our Kilgore Smile Club Wellness Plan. This plan, which offers exclusive discounts to its members, was made with our patients in mind who do not have the benefit of dental insurance.

We can eliminate the need to file claims with a third party so your care is solely in the hands of our highly trained doctors and staff. This is a dental savings plan run by Kilgore Dental Care, not a third-party insurance company. There are no monthly insurance premiums, no waiting periods, and no insurance hassles! It's not insurance and we happen to think it's better.

Kilgore Smile Club Wellness Plan Offers:

2 Periodic Exams

2 Regular Cleanings

2 Sets of X-Rays

2 Flouride Treatments

15% Off Dental Treatment**

Plan Pricing

Kids (13 & Under) $275.00
1st Adult $350.00
2nd Adult $325.00
Must be spouse or adult child living in same home.

Service Cost

New Patient Exam $103.00
Periodic Exam $62.00
Adult Prophy $105.00
Child Prophy $80.00
X-Rays $76.00 - $181.00
Flouride Treatment $52.00
**Excludes Invisalign® & Whitening
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