Happy New Year from Kilgore Dental Care!

We love to see our patients smile when leaving our office. If you are unhappy with your smile either because you’re missing teeth, your teeth aren’t straight or if you just need to come in for a cleaning, x-rays, and an exam, please don’t hesitate to call our office. We will design a unique treatment plan just for you. We will answer all of your questions and even contact your insurance.

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Why It's Important to Floss

How often do you floss? I’m sure you get asked that question every time you see your hygienist. Though most Americans believe that brushing twice a day is enough, flossing is just as important. Flossing should be done every day. While brushing cleans visible and superficial surfaces of your teeth, it doesn’t quite clean what we call the interproximal surfaces of your teeth or in between the teeth. This is why your dentist and hygienist stress the need to floss. Refusing to floss can cause many complications.

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